Saddle Fitting & Flocking Service

Hiscox Artemis & Richard Davison



A well balanced rider gives your horse the abilty to shine .



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Saddle Fitting & Flocking Service

A well fitting saddle is the key to a well performing horse. At Liniac Saddlery we provide a saddle fitting service for the traditional saddle as well as for the WOW saddles.

WOW saddles are filled with air, and this too is adjustable. Immediate changes to your saddle that will make all the difference.


Along side saddle fitting, we also offer a reflocking service.

We reflock with traditional wool to give the saddle a soft and comfortable feel to the horse and rider.

We also provide a FLAIR fitting service, where we convert your saddle to air.

Saddle Check/ Fitting


A saddle is the link between horse and rider


Without a well fitting saddle, we cannot expect our horse to be comfortable and perform to its best. At Liniac Saddlery we offer a professional saddle fitting service for traditional saddles.


A saddle fit costs 50 euros and tavel costs are caculated at 0.35 euros / km over the first 10km.




WOW Saddle Fit


WOW saddles provide the perfect link between horse and rider


As your horse changes under the WOW saddle, it is sometimes necessary to adjust your saddle. The freedom the WOW saddle provides to the horse allows muscle development to be achieved faster. Therefore, it is important to check the headplate and overall fit of the saddle if the horse has changed in shape.


A saddle fit cost 75 euros and travel costs are calculated at 0.35 euros /km over the first 10km


The 75 euros are deducted from the WOW purchase price if a saddle is orderd.