WOW Saddles



The perfect link between you and your horse.



Modular saddle that can be adjusted at any time to suit any horse and rider!

  • Adjustable Flaps
  • Interchangable Seats, Flaps and Panels
  • Adjustable Flair air cussions
  • Exchangable Headplates


Liniac Saddlery

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WOW Saddles

The WOW™ Saddle will change the way you think about saddles. It is a totally new way of owning a saddle.

All components are interchangeable which allows you to build a saddle made especially for you and your horse.

It is adaptable to the riders, the horses and the disciplines.

The seat, panels and flaps of the WOW™ Competitor Range are all available separately, so you can easily change component parts.

When they are combined they make a saddle whose performance for the horse and the rider is unbeatable!

 The WOW™ Competitor Range comes standard with the Flair® Air Flocking System

Competitor Range


The perfect link between you and your horse


The competitor range of saddles are fitted with the flair system that can be adjusted to fit each horse and give the rider the perfect balance.


All saddles are modular and can therefore be adjusted to the discipline and growth of the horse.



WOW Saddle fitting


A personalised saddle fit for you and your horse


At Liniac Saddlery we pride ourselves on giving a proffesional, friendly and quality saddle fitting service.


For the new as well as our existing customers.