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For Sale!!!

Horses and dogs have been a passion since early childhood.

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Liniac Saddlery

Handmade & Bespoke

For Horse, Dog and Owner

Here are a few items that are offered for sale. These items are not under the Liniac Saddlery guarantee as they are sold by third parties.

WOW Jumping saddle

Flat seat no. 2 (18") on a curved tree

DWG no. 2 (18") with stitch line & no TAB

Jumping fixed block flaps

Soft H-Girth 24" straps (Brown)

Soft Straight girth 26" (Black)

Headplates: -1U &-1V & 0U & 0V

Excellent condition!!!

1650 euros (fixed price)

Marie O

WOW 2nd hand parts and saddles for SALE

DXWG no.1 panels, without TAB, with stitch line

2" standard rear lift

Very good condition

400 euros

DDXWG no.1 (17") Panels (ex DEMO)

2" standard rear lift

Without TAB , with stitch line (tapered)

Nice decorative leather 

Will suit horses with a hollow behind the shoulder

Very good condition

500 euros

Extra deep slim seat no. 1 curved tree 

Very good condition

Headplate of choice included (value 75 euros)

650 euros

WOW Dressage Saddle

Extra deep no.2 seat (curved tree) with diamond decoration on the back of the cantle

DXWG no.2 with TAB, with stitch line

DRGHF  flaps

Saddle is in good condition

H-girth and headplate included

1500 euros

Baroque Style WOW saddle

Very good condition

Two tone brown

Deep seat no.2 Curved tree

DWG no. 2 panels with stitch line

Baroque fixed block flaps

1400 euros

An. L.

Dressage WOW Saddle

Very good condition

Deep seat no. 1 curved tree

DXWG no.1 no TAB / with stitch line panels

Dressage fixed block flaps

2000 euros

Nichola. J

WOW Dressage saddle

Good condition

Extra deep seat no. 2 (18") Curved tree

DWG no.1 (17") panels with TAB, with stitch line

Dressage Giant Block Flaps (BUTT leather)

no. 1U headplate

1200 euros

Saddle is situated in the Netherlands

H. Blij

Dressage WOW Saddle 

Extra Deep seat no. 1 (17") curved tree

1U headplate

DXWG no. 2 (18"), + TAB, +Stitch line

Dressage Giant High Fixed Block

1000 euros

(Laura M )

Dressage WOW Saddle 

Extra Deep seat no. 1 (17") curved tree

2U headplate

DXWG no. 1 (17"), + TAB, +Stitch line

Dressage Giant High Fixed Block

800 euros

(Sanne D W )

Dressage WOW Saddle 

Very good condition (4 years old)

Not used often


Extra deep seat no.2

(Semi curved tree)

DWG no.2 panels with stitch line

Equitana Flaps

H-Girth soft

2200 euros


(Anne L. )

Dressage WOW Saddle

With fenders

Black with red facing

Deep seat no.1 curved tree

DWG no.1 panels with stitch line

Dressage moveable flaps with large blocks


(Nathalie. L )